Q&A with Elle McNamara (@bambidoesbeauty)

By May 04,2018

If you haven't already heard of beauty guru Elle McNamara @bambidoesbeauty we suggest you get following her instagram page!


We adore Elle's elegant and feminine "less is more" approach to beauty, and couldn't be more excited to do a Q&A, bringing you Elle's advice on all things beauty. 


Q. What's your current skincare regime?

A. I like to use a light and refreshing Cleanser in the AM. At the moment I'm loving This Works Light Time Cleanse & Glow. Then I'll go in with an acid (my favourite step!) this really sloughs away all dead skin cells and makes my skin look brighter immediately. I love the AHA + BHA peel by the ordinary, or Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peel Pads. Next is a serum, I love Glossier's Super Bounce, Zelens Z Luminous or Estée Lauder ANR. Followed by an oil and moisturiser, then face mist. I've just discovered the Nordic brand Lumene and I adore their Glow Mist!


Q. What's been your most extravagant beauty splurge?

A. I didnt actually buy this but I was gifted a Creme De La Mer huuuuge pot with my name on the top - it's so heavy! I think it's worth like £650!


Q. Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

A. Hmmm, that's so tough! I have lots. I love a natural beauty, I love looking at supermodels from the 90's. The look then was so understated and effortless. I love Miranda Kerr, Bambi Northwood, Maya Stepper...the list goes on!


Q. When and what was your last beauty treatment?

A. I recently visited FaceGym at Selfridges, it's an express and intensive workout for your favail muscles. It was so relaxing but also incredibly invigorating, I'd recommend everyone trying it once!


Q. Which three beauty/ make up items could you not live without?

A. Weleda Skin Food, Rimmel Instant Tan, Soap Brows.


Q. Favourite beauty trend at the moment?

A. Glowy, glossy skin, and of course full thick brows!


Q. What's the one make up or beauty trend you wish would be banished from the beauty world?

A. "Baking" the face, all that powder makes me weep!


Q. Beautiful, glowing skin is a trend at the moment - What are your top tips for getting a flawless face?

A. Start with looking after your skin. I lowered my sugar intake recently and I've noticed a huge difference in the clarity of my skin! Also invest in a good acid. This will make sure your skin is fresh and gleaming for whatever make up you choose to apply. My favourites are Dr Dennis Gross Peel Pads, Pixi Glow Peel Pads, The Ordinary AHA + BHA Peel and Glossier's solution. 


Q. What's your ultimate beauty/make up tip to share with Emily Rose Spa clients & readers?

A. No foundation! When people ask me how I create the no make up, make up look I always tell them this. Foundation can look lovely, but if you go without and juse use concealer on certain areas and a BB/CC cream as an alternative I think this just makes the face look so much glowing and shows off your actual skin. 


Q. What advice would you give to upcoming beauty bloggers?

A. Don't stress it. I can sense a lot of people who ask me this question are desperate for a quick following. Just blog about what YOU enjoy, what comes naturally to you. Stick smith your colour palette, consider your aesthetic as a whole and make sure to tag relevant brands in your images. Interact with people, don't ignore comments. Be a real person, not just a blogger. 


Complete this sentence: To me, beauty is ...  Imperfection