Welcome to Emily Rose Spa!

By Mar 19,2018

As much as we all adore having our treatments carried out in a professional salon or spa, we inevitably find our time compromised by career or family commitments.

If you’re anything like me, I constantly feel like I’m rushing to get to my next meeting or appointment and never feel that I have the luxury of time to spend on myself, although inside I believe that I richly deserve it!

Instead of peering longingly into beauty salons as I pass them in my car, seeing their clients being pampered in just the way that I would like, why shouldn’t I be able to have my treatments when and where I want them, whether at my home, my office or even my hotel?

Emily Rose Spa provides professionally qualified beauty therapists to treat you wherever and whenever you need them. Our heritage of providing high-end beauty treatments in professional spas can now be enjoyed at a time and place that suits you.

Think of it.

No more rushing to make the appointment, no more wasted time travelling to and from the salon, no more struggling to find a parking space… just book your treatment on our App and relax while we take the strain and come to you.

And, no more streaky spray tans – hallelujah! Why is it that whenever I have a beautifully applied spray tan that requires me to avoid water for eight hours, the moment I step outside the salon, the great British weather greets me with a soaking, turning my lovely, once-consistent colour into camouflage paint??

Why not enjoy our fabulous treatments in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to rest or even fall asleep after your relaxing treatment, facial or massage.

Our mission statement is “Discover your New You”. You will feel fabulous, revitalized and relaxed. Feel like a new woman after any of our treatments.

So sit back, relax, check out our App and let us bring the ultimate spa experience to you…  Enjoy

Emily Rose x