Tips to Achieve the Perfect Wax

By Mar 19,2018

All our professional therapists at Emily Rose Spa are highly trained and will make waxing as pain-free as possible.

A little tip to achieving the perfect wax, I know it sounds clichéd but by simply keeping your skin hydrated, by moisturizing and drinking plenty of water it will allow easier hair removal and will make your waxing experience much more enjoyable.

If your skin is dry and cracked the hair could snap rather than being properly removed from the root; also if your skin is really dehydrated your skin can sometimes absorb the wax –Yikes!

Another tip is to thoroughly exfoliate the skin; I know you’ve heard it all before! But use an exfoliator containing AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). AHA’S work by dissolving the glue like lipids holding skin cells together and penetrate deeper into the skin to loosen these clingy bonds. My personal favorite is Priori Invigorating Face and Body Scrub.

So, why is waxing is so much better for my skin?

We all want celebrity-smooth, shiny skin, and this is their secret- they wax!

Waxing pulls the hair from the root rather than cutting it from the surface like a razor. This is better for your skin because the hairs will grow back smoother and finer.

To achieve the ideal result from your wax it is best to get your hairs growing into a routine and wax every 4-6 weeks. This way all of your hairs will grow through at the same time resulting in smooth hair-free skin. Always remember to gently exfoliate 24hours before a wax and twice a week throughout the month in-between wax treatments to ensure you don’t get those nasty ingrowing hairs.

Regular waxing will make your hairs become sparser and the growth rate of your hair will decrease. NB: Please don’t shave after your wax as your hairs will grow back stubbly and all your hard work in that last waxing session will be wasted.

After your waxing treatments you may find your skin feeling slightly sensitive as your hair follicles will still be open so please avoid the sun, sunbeds and any fake tan for at least 24hours as well as extreme heat, hot baths, sauna and steam rooms, excessive tight clothing, body lotions, make up and deodorant.