Successful Tanning Tips

By Mar 19,2018

Baking in the sun for hours at at time or frying ourselves on a sunbed in order to get a decent tan aren’t seen as the healthiest option these days. However, most of us would still love to achieve a healthy glow without the exposure to the sun. 

A high-end spray will give you a luxurious, even, all-over tan without the investment of your precious time and effort! Avoid the ‘orange’ look and the irritation of self- tans by booking an Emily Rose Spa professional to visit and treat you in your own home. 


Inappropriate before and after care can really make the difference between achieving a golden glow or ending up with a streaky, blotchy mess, so here are a few tips to help you achieve and maintain your perfect tan.


BEFORE your spray tan:

1. Exfoliate your body two days prior to your tanning appointment. Making sure all waxing/shaving is completed 24 hours beforehand to avoid the undesirable ‘dark pore’ look.

2. If you can, shower and exfoliate eight hours prior to the appointment as this will allow your skin to settle, and avoid moisturisers, deodorants, and perfumes on the day of your tan.

3. Stop using any other tanning product seven days before treatment. 


AFTER your spray tan:

1. Once your tan has been applied, wear dark, loose fitting clothes; don’t wear a bra or any jewellery and wear flip flops to avoid strap marks and lines.

2. Avoid exposure to water for eight hours while your tan is still developing.

3. Do not exercise or use sauna/ steam rooms during this time.


MAINTANING your tan:

1. Avoid shower gels that leave residue on the skin as this residue may degrade the life of your tan.

2. Avoid baths, instead warm showers and pat your body gently with your towel.

3. Moisturise everyday to help your tan last as long as possible with an oil free moisturiser, as oil can cause tan to break up.

4. On the third day of your tan exfoliate gently and evenly to ensure an even fade.

5. Exercising, sweating, swimming and sun creams will all deplete the life of your tan.

6. Using a roll on deodrant is much kinder to your tan then a spray deodrant.