The Secret to Perfect Nails

By Jun 11,2018

Our hands are exposed just as much as our faces and yet we often find ourselves neglecting them. I hate to break it to you, but your hands will also show signs of ageing and need looking after. If you compare your hands to someone 10 years older, or 10 years younger, you'll notice significant differences.

If you want gorgeous-looking healthy hands and nails it is important to keep up with regular manicure and pedicure treatments, especially in the winter months when the harsh weather and temperature conditions really dry out the skin and nails. 

Treat yourself to a specialised hand, nail and foot cream, and don't forget about the just-as-important nail oils and strengtheners, nails are made of keratin and need to stay hydrated in order not to peel. 


Some of my personal favourites are:


DECLEOR Creme Mains 

I love this hand and nail cream, its instantly absorbed by the skin leaving your hands feeling hydrated and nourished without feeling sticky or greasy, thanks to the ultra-moisturising duo of shea butter and coconut oil. It comes in a small 50ml version which I keep in my handbag. The delicate floral scent is the icing on the cake and it prevents ageing, a must have! 


SISLEY Global Anti-Age Hand Cream 

My personal favourite, this luxurious hand cream has been designed to protect the hands and act against signs of ageing. Containing a formula designed to reduce the appearance of age spots, I tested it on my mum and there was a visible difference in just 4 weeks, amazing! 

It also contains one of my favourite ingredients, shea butter, with a mix of sunflower oil, guava and carrot extract to mend cracked skin and soften dry cuticles. Transforms your skin in no time, and contains an SPF 10 - what more could you ask for. 


Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

Banish your rough heels! My feet always feel silky smooth after using this. This lightweight foot balm ensures your feet will be as soft as your face, smoothing away rough soles and strengthening the nails with Myrrh. This foot cream contains Arnica extract, which helps to relieve swelling and fatigue -the best part is it won't cover your feet in a slippery film. 


Dadi' Oil Nail Treatment 

If you haven't already heard of Dadi' Oil you must of been living under a rock. This 95% organic nail treatment oil used by professionals is the best on the market, especially for weak brittle nails. Made up of 21 essential oils including Citrus, Vanilla, Lemon, Bergamont, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Lavender, all making it smell so beautiful. It should be used on the nails and cuticles every night, even whilst your gel manicure is on, it will still penetrate through without lifting the gels. With frequent use you will notice a different within a matter of weeks.


Nailtiques Forumla 2

By far the best nail strengthener I have ever worked with. I have seen such amazing transformations on my clients using this little gem, turning weak brittle nails into beautifully strong, long nails in a matter of weeks! If your nails are weak or peeling Nailtiques formula 2 is a must.